New Max Messenger light deveopped by Bag PRO GmbH and CARLA CARGO

CARLA Cargo And Bag PRO GmbH

Bag PRO GmbH is happy to announce the new partnership with one of the big actors of the last mile delivery industry: CARLA CARGO.CARLA CARGO and Bag PRO GmbH have combined their expertise to create the best cargo box and to set up a new standard for E-mobility.

What is the Max Messenger light ?

This is the perfect solution for delivering parcels, food or any goods in a professional way!

The box is made of a 3-layer technology consisting of aluminum, canvas and polypropylene.

The MML is waterproof, ultra-light and secured with a perfect design at the same time!

Thanks to the removable printing spaces, the box can be customized up to your needs. 

Where i can buy the Max Messenger light ?

Visit CARLA CARGO website to learn more about the Max Messenger Light.