We work alongside European postal services to meet their demands. We also work with bicycle and scooter manufacturers in order to provide them carrying solutions adapted to the changing nature of their business.

Our internal design office employs an innovative process that involves combining :

- polypropylene,

- aluminium,

- canvas

in order to create light lining materials that absorb collisions without breaking and which are puncture-proof.

This technology has been adapted for use in designing high-volume cases.

This unique system, coupled with our design and manufacturing methods means we are capable of producing small to medium-sized series of made-to-measure containers in an extremely short space of time, without requiring the use of heavy machinery.

A project ? A question ?

Your contact for Last mile delivery solutions :Simon CARIOU 

Mobile : +49 171 1925 800

They trust us

scooter cases

We adapt all our containers to the volume being transported, the type of vehicle, ergonomic requirements regarding access to contents and the desired degree of security.

cases for bicycles, electric bikes and tricycles

Light, secure containers suitable for use with your type of bike.

manual and electric trolleys

We offer a wide range of manual and electric trolleys, with capacities ranging from 60L to 400L. We are able to develop new products based on what you need.

delivery bags

We design satchels with capacities ranging from 10 to 30 litres – ideal for delivering mail or unaddressed advertising material in urban areas.

Effective, secure and ergonomically-designed solutions

Depending on your needs, there is a wide range of security solutions and options available, ranging from the most standard to the most “High Tech”: 

- automatic locking for doors and engine stopping,
- easy and quick opening with a RFID card,
- “io Luggage” a connected tracking module (developed by Bag PRO),
- audio/visual alarms,
- efficient electro-mechanical locks,
- interior LED lighting (enhanced visibility),
- headlights (trolleys).

These solutions provide us with enhanced security for contents in addition to quick and ergonomic use for optimum delivery efficiency.

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