Bag PRO offers tailor-made solutions for last mile delivery: backpacks, vehicules cases and trolleys.

Our internal design office employs an innovative process that involves combining :

- polypropylene,

- aluminium,

- canvas

in order to create light lining materials that absorb collisions without breaking and which are puncture-proof.

This technology has been adapted for use in designing high-volume cases.

This unique system, coupled with our design and manufacturing methods means we are capable of producing small to medium-sized series of made-to-measure containers in an extremely short space of time, without requiring the use of heavy machinery.

A project ? A question ?

Your contact for Last mile delivery solutions :


Mobile : +49 171 1925 800

Examples of tailor-made solutions:

Delivery trolley 4 boxes

Manual or electric trolley dedicated to the delivery of 4 boxes.

Dimensions :
820x700x605 mm

Also Available for 6 cases.

Backpacks for bike delivery

We offer multifunctional and very comfortable backpacks designed for bike delivery.

Pizza case

High load capacity (8 large pizzas) 115L.

Shopping delivery foldable trolley

Self-delivery trolley (foldable)

Light, easy to use and foldable.

Shopping delivery electric trailer

Electric trailer dedicated to the delivery of 6 cases.

Rear storage area (4 boxes) and refrigerated storage area.

Foldable delivery trolley 3 boxes

Foldable trolley dedicated to the delivery with 3 boxes.

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